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Roof coating and sealing

Flat roof refurbishment


Using modern polyurea or polyurethane coatings, it is possible to refurbish flat roofs in particular relatively quickly and on a favourably priced basis compared to other methods. PU foams are also often used for insulation. The material holds on every roof shape and is permanently elastic. This makes it possible to refurbish the roofs of residential properties, industrial and storage facilities, bio gas systems, stables and many, many more. Polyurea and polyurethane are 100% waterproof but breathable, which means that they allow steam to permeate. The roof or the roof surface are protected in an optimum way from the effects of the weather. Heat and cold bridges are avoided.

Areas of application for PUR foam:

  • Thermal insulation of buildings, tanks, containers and other objects
  • Flat roof coating and refurbishment
  • Wall coating from inside and outside